Halloween in Amsterdam

Dutch people love holidays and love celebrating them. Although Halloween is not a traditional Dutch holiday, local people admire it and organize great activities on that day. Amsterdam is one of the best cities for clubbing in the world so therefore on Halloween Amsterdam turns into a great stage for Halloween parties. A lot of people will be hitting the clubs and bars in Amsterdam dressed in their spooky outfits. Amsterdam excels when it comes to sweet treats and cakes. 

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If you are a cat lover a must-visit place for you is a cat cafe. On Halloween the cat cafe is greatly decorated in a witch theme which makes it the perfect place to be on that day. Amsterdam is a cat lover’s dream with various venues paying homage to these furry favourites. Go and hang out at the Cat Cafe, known as “Kattencafe Kopjes” or hop aboard the Cat Boat “De Poezenboot” where you can have a kitty cuddle on this floating animal sanctuary. On the map


Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Amsterdam is the home of the bizarre and unbelievable. There’s over 500 crazy, yet true items to see that will make all other spooky stories and events seem possible – you’ve been warned! If you’ve had enough of the strangeness, take a break at the Ripley’s Lounge. It’s not surprising but it makes for a particularly fitting setting to share a drink with friends on Halloween. On the map

If you are a horror movie lover you must attend the medieval Pathe Tuschinski Theater for a horror movie all night marathon.
This involves an all-night movie marathon full of blood, zombies, and serial killers. The films will be showing late into the night past 0:00.
Book your tickets in advance! On the map

The Amsterdam Dungeon is the perfect place to visit to learn about the scary history of Amsterdam through theatrical actors, special effects, stages and walkthrough scenes. The hidden tales of the Dutch past are brought to life, so spending an evening in this city on Halloween, becomes particularly freaky.

And the most interesting part is to attend some of the halloween parties! In Amsterdam there are plenty of halloween parties even on weekdays! Please note, due to Covid-19, some of the activities might not be available this year.