Vegetarian restaurants

Amsterdam is on-trend when it comes to the number of vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan restaurants in the city. The best fresh vegetables and the most fantastic combinations will be prepared for you in several spots in Amsterdam. A meal without meat or fish doesn’t have to be boring at all! The variety of vegetarian and vegan restaurants is impressive!

More and more locals are going meat-free and the Amsterdam restaurant scene has embraced this trend and now boasts some of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Europe. The city’s ratio of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants per capita is so big that Amsterdam was named as the top vegan-friendly city in Europe in 2017.

In order to make it easier for you to find your favourite vegetarian or vegan restaurant close to your hotel, we have created a list of the best and the closest places that we recommend. Bon appetit!


This small restaurant is only a few steps away from the hotel! The menu is full of original flavours, it consists of salads & bowls, soups and stews, smoothies and home-made sweets for a fair price! SLA is certified organic and all their ingredients are sustainable, purchased fairly and come from Dutch soil as much as possible.

SLA is using plant-based ingredients and has almost zero-waste kitchen.

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Golden Temple Vegetarisch Restaurant

This restaurant, only 5 minute walk away from the hotel,  is named after the famous Sikh temple in Amritsar in North India. “This temple has four doors, which symbolises openness. This means that everyone, with whatever religion, is always welcome here.”

In this restaurant, they do not use meat, fish or eggs in their dishes. They only cook with vegetables, fruits, grains & beans and sometimes dairy products. Conscious kitchen of the Golden Temple emphasizes a unity of body and mind through food preparation with natural and practical vegetarian food.

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Maoz Vegetarian 

This fast food restaurant is only a few minutes of walking away from the hotel!

They are serving nutritious meals like falafel, salad/rice/hummus/acai bowls and pita bread sandwiches made with the ingredients from local farmers. Their signature sandwich is called the Maoz Falafel Sandwich. A freshly baked pita bread filled with steaming hot falafel, topped with salads and sauces.

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Vegan Junk Food Bar 

Vegan Junk food bar is another restaurant only 5 minutes away from the hotel! The restaurant has an award-winning concept that serves sustainable Junk Food in an easily accessible and enjoyable way.

They serve tasty, innovative and futuristic plant-based Junk Food, without compromising on quality, taste and texture. From their colourful signature burgers, shawarma, freak fries, vegan nuggets, croissant hot dogs and salads to their extraordinary cocktails.

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Meatless District 

Meatless district is a 100% plant based dinner. Located in the Van Woustraat in the famous ‘De Pijp’ area, Meatless district is open every day for dinner, drinks and take away! Enjoy the open kitchen experience, where you can see chefs prepare your dish!

Their menu consists of starters and sharing platters, lasagne, roasts, salads, burgers and sandwiches fires and sweet treats like Dutch apple pie! 

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Men Impossible

Men impossible is a 5* rated noodle spot located in Joordan.  Men is the Japanese word for ‘ramen’. The name of the restaurant refers to the seemingly impossible quest of achieving a rich taste while only using organic, European and plant-based ingredients.

Guests talk about this restaurant in superlatives saying “Best vegan meal I’ve ever enjoyed anywhere“, “It exceeded our expectations, the best vegan food we have ever tried!“, “You’d never know this amazing food is vegan”

Except the amazing ramen, try something new like cashew cheese, carrot meatballs, tofu nuggets or Japanese beer!

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Marits Eetkamer

Marits is about delicious food without meat or fish. Their menu is 100% plant based. Marits dining room is a restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and a relaxed, informal setting. In Marits kitchen you will find products that have been produced with respect for the environment, people and animals. Most of the foods are produced organic, local, sustainable and fair-trade. All the meals are prepared with attention to presentation. You can also enjoy fine wine, local beer and liqueur.

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