Parking in Amsterdam

The City Hotel Rembrandt Square is located in the city centre of Amsterdam. Next to our hotel you can find parking garages. In case you are traveling with a car with foreign plates, we do not recommend street parking. If you are looking for a parking with a low fee, you can also park your car in The Park and Ride (P+R) parking facilities. Please, check conditions and locations by clicking on the link.

Parking Garages

The Bank parking

  • Car is available 24/7
  • Address: Amstelstraat 12
  • With a discount voucher from the City Hotel, park your car for 24 hours for only €36.00 instead of €60.00!

Wepark – Rembrandtplein Valet Service Car Park

  • Valet parking
  • Car is covered and accessible from 07:00 to 22:30
  • Address: Rembrandtplein 26

Street Parking

Street parking is paid in most areas of Amsterdam with varying costs. The parking tends to get more expensive the closer it is to the city centre. There are, however, some so-called “blue zones” in which parking is free but only for a restricted amount of time. In these zones you have to indicate your time of arrival with a blue parking disc. You can recognise a blue zone as they are designated by a nearby street sign. On this sign you can see the maximum parking time that is allowed, as well as any additional conditions, such as specific hours during the day.

Long-term parking

If you are planning to park for longer periods of time (days, weeks) you can purchase parking tickets in advance at or one of the city offices. These tickets tend to be much cheaper than paying per hour at the parking meter. You can also use one of the city’s official P&R locations. The P&R locations are usually outside of the centre and the price includes a public transport ticket into the city.

P&R map: