Useful apps for when visiting the Netherlands

If you are planning a trip to the Netherlands, it is a good idea to see which apps you can download beforehand that can make your holiday even more enjoyable. From public transport to food delivery – we compiled a list of the top apps for travelling in and around Amsterdam.


Among the various transport apps available in the Netherlands, 9292 is all you need to find your way around the city or country. Choose between the different types of transport – tram, bus, metro, ferry or train – and let it guide you through the fastest routes. It is also perfect for tourists as it is available in English. Download from Google Play or Apple iTunes.

Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

Especially if you frequently find yourself at Schiphol Airport, this app will make your life a whole lot easier. Navigate through the airport with a detailed map and stay up to date with the real-time flight tracking section. Download from Google Play or Apple iTunes.


Enjoy restaurant food as a take away! Deliveroo works really well, specifically in Amsterdam, with so many bicycle routes and most delivery riders being cyclists. A huge variety of options ranging from healthy to fast food, won’t leave you disappointed. Download from Google Play or Apple iTunes.


This is one of the most accurate weather apps out there. And with the Dutch weather being so unpredictable, it will save you from getting soaked in the rain. It notifies you that a rain shower is coming so you can go out being fully prepared. Download from Google Play or Apple iTunes.