The Netherlands is a beautiful destination at any time of the year. Every season in Amsterdam has its own advantages and something special to offer. The autumn months are some of the most magical months to visit Amsterdam. If you are planning to visit Amsterdam in autumn here are few things you must do:

Enjoy the city

Amsterdam is famous for its stunning architecture, beautiful canals and cozy little streets. Fall is the perfect season to enjoy the city. It is just the right weather to wander around the city and discover its best spots. Take a map from our reception or just get lost in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Fall gives new colors to the Netherlands which makes it even more attractive and romantic. 

Visit a museum!

The Netherlands has the most museums in the world. Visiting the Netherlands you have a unique opportunity to see the masterpieces of the greatest artists in history. Take a guided tour in the best museums so you can learn much more about Dutch artists and their history. If you are visiting the famous Museum Square have a picnic under the golden trees behind the Rijksmuseum just in front of Van Gogh’s museum. 

Go to the park or the forest

The Netherlands is truly a beautiful country. Not only the stunning architecture and rich culture can take your breath away but its amazing nature. There are plenty of national and city parks in and outside Amsterdam worth visiting. If you are a nature lover we recommend you to visit some of these incredible places to see the beauty of the Netherlands at its best. Go on a bike tour or take a pedal boat to discover the lakes. Or have a picnic under the golden trees. Chill in the park cafes. Have a nice day outside. National parks of the Netherlands have even numerous types of animals to see. 

Get into Dutch cuisine

When it gets colder our minds automatically go to hot chocolate, mulled wine, spiced tea, hot pies and other satisfying warm dishes. Dutch people know how to warm up in the cold evenings. After a long walk on autumn day try a warm slice of the traditional apple pie combined with a hot choco topped off with whipped cream. If you’re tired after a day of exploring enjoy traditional Dutch stamppot (mashed potatoes with vegetables and a sausage) or a bowl of erwtensoep (pea soup). These treats will surely warm not only your body but also your heart. Spekulaas is probably the most popular festive treat in the Netherlands and tastes amazing alongside a lovely cup of tea or hot coco. Oliebollen is another autumn/winter Dutch delicacy, and one you won’t be able to get at any other time of year. Head to a street market, find a good stroopwafel stall, and savour the warm and gooey caramel. The Albert Cuyp market is the most popular destination for stroopwafels. Don’t miss to try traditional Dutch pancakes too!


Autumn is the best time to do some shopping in Amsterdam. Shop at Kalverstraat, or explore the independent shops and boutiques in the famous Nine Streets. If you are a vintage lover head to the flea markets of Amsterdam. Here you will be able to find everything from the old paintings, furniture, books, souvenirs to clothes and many other things. Waterlooplein is a bargain hunter’s dream, with over 300 stalls selling vintage clothing, jewellery and even bikes. Albertcuyp market is the most popular of Amsterdam’s flea markets and it’s definitely worth visiting.

Enjoy Coffeeshops

What weather can be more suitable for visiting cozy coffeeshops in Amsterdam? Autumn days are perfect to have a warm drink and smoke good quality weed in the center of Amsterdam. Head to one of the central coffee shops to have a great view on the canal or a nice square such as Rembrandtplein!