Surely you have ever asked yourself the following questions about Netherlands.

1. What language do they speak in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and the official language of the country (and the city) is Dutch. However, this is Europe, where multilingual is the rule, not the exception, so you are likely to find that many of the people in tourism trades speak English.

2. When do tulips bloom in Amsterdam?

The tulip display is best at the bulb fields near Amsterdam. Tulips and other bulb flowers bloom mid-spring, usually from the middle of April through the middle of May.

3. What is the drug policy in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands has a tolerant drug policy. All drugs are banned, but smoking cannabis is tolerated under strict conditions.

4. Does it snow in Amsterdam?

It can and does snow in Amsterdam, but not a lot and not too frequently. Most years, Amsterdam gets a few inches of snow.

5. Do you tip in Amsterdam?

You tip in Amsterdam whether you want to or not, up to you!

6. Is the Netherlands safe?

Generally, yes. Violent crime rates are low, and people are generally safe walking alone in the streets.