Amsterdam is definitely one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the world. For many centuries it has been attracting people from all over the world for many different reasons. Its rich culture, stunning architecture and vibrant living will leave a great impression on every visitor. If you are looking for a next destination for your vacation be sure that Amsterdam will meet any expectations of any kind. In 2020 there were planned great events such as Eurovision song contest, annual Amsterdam Marathon or annual Amsterdam Dance Event, but due to the situation with COVID-19 in the world most of them had to be cancelled.

Although most of the big events has been cancelled, visitors still continued coming to Amsterdam after the lock down was cancelled. The reason for this is simple. Amsterdam is a great place to see. Museums, architecture, parks, city and country sides, canals, numerous great restaurants and bars. Here are some reasons why you must visit Amsterdam in 2020:

Less people!

Over 20 million people visit Amsterdam every year. You will realize how much it is, when you will hear that Amsterdam has fewer than 1 million local livers. In tourist season Amsterdam becomes very crowded. You have to stand in the lines to get into the museum or other attractions. Even with the coronavirus situation, Amsterdam still attracts people from all over the world. Amsterdam has created many rules helping for local and visitors to stay safe. So visiting Amsterdam in 2020 guarantees you a safe stay without overcrowding. Visit famous museums, beautiful parks, take a boat tour without standing in the line or being pushed by other people.

Best weather to have a comfort stay is early fall

You wont be facing cold and strong rains and wont get blown away with the wind. You can now enjoy the ‘late zomerdagen’ (warm late summer days) in Amsterdam all throughout September.

Multicultural city

By visiting Amsterdam you have a unique opportunity to experience parts of other cultures as well. You can try excellent Indonesian food here and it doesn’t stop there. You can visit the Chinese area near Amsterdam Central where you can find the best Chinese restaurants. There are so many restaurants and cuisines available with tastes from all over the world. If you want all at once try to visit famous Foodhallen.

Go Cheesee Tasting

The Netherlands is well-known for producing a variety of tasty cheese. There are multiple cheese shops in Amsterdam that offer cheese-tasting opportunities. For just a 1-hour tasting experience, you’ll find out how cheese is made and be able to tell the difference between various kinds of cheese and, of course, sample the cheese. There will also be wine provided to complement the 5 different type of cheese you’ll be sampling. If you are a true cheese lover visit cities where famous cheese sorts were born – Gouda and Edam.

Sinterklaas parade

This year’s Sinterklaas parade takes place on Sunday 15 November 2020, with the feast of St Nicholas itself falling on December 5. It is a great show and must be seen by children and adults. The Sinterklaas parade will give you a magical Christmas mood and great experience of Dutch culture.

Winter Markets

Amsterdam does an excellent line in festive fairs; taking a more independent, unique approach than many other European cities. Every weekend closer to Christmas you’ll find numerous different hristmas markets around the city, ranging from the traditional to the trendy, and selling beautiful produce and lovingly prepared food and drink in unique locations.

Light Festival

Dark nights, Twinkling fairy lights, cosy pubs… everything about winter in Amsterdam is truly ‘gezellig’. This word can be applied to any situation or thing that makes you feel warm and comfortable inside, and you’ll be hearing it a lot if you visit Amsterdam in winter. Transforming Amsterdam into a huge outdoor art gallery during the darkest winter months, the annual Amsterdam Light Festival sees magical light installations adorn canals, streets and landmarks from November to January. The best way to see the entire spectacle is via a special Amsterdam Light Festival boat tour.

Local beer

Many people are not aware that the Netherlands stands in one line in beer making with Germany and other countries famous with its beers. Heineken, one of the most famous beers in the world has been born in the Netherlands. Visiting Amsterdam you have an opportunity to visit Heineken Experience, where you will learn how the famous beer has been created and taste it in the end. But except Heineken the Netherlands crafts thousands types of beer. There are numerous local breweries you can visit and enjoy fresh made craft beers. You have the unique opportunity to visit the oldest breweries in Europe standing on the canals of Amsterdam or in Dutch windmills and churches. Enjoy beer tours with beer tasting. There are even beer tours and craft beer tours on the boats! Local breweries has tasting rooms and offer different varieties of attractions.

Amsterdam has stunning and truly unique architecture

You will never see something similar anywhere in the world. Amsterdam is very concerned about saving historical buildings and does a lot to save every historical building in its original appearance. Amsterdam is almost one big attraction secured by UNESCO. Also as the city was developing the new architecture was built. Here you have a chance to see how different ages meet in one city and create one harmonic landscape. Visiting Amsterdam in 2020 will allow you to enjoy the beautiful sights of the city without big crowds. The old part of the city, especially the Red Lights District is usually very crowded and you cant fully appreciate the beauty of the city. Its narrow cozy streets, its amazing canals and magnificent buildings.