Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones — but they can dine in them.

An enterprising Dutch restaurant, at arts center Mediamatic Biotoop, has devised an ingenious way to enforce social distancing and stay open during the coronavirus pandemic by seating its diners inside individual greenhouses.

The bizarre social-distancing measure is only in the trial phase, but the vegan eatery in the Oosterdok neighborhood of Amsterdam hopes to make the capsules official with permission from the state, which has been under nationwide lockdown since mid-March, reports the Daily Mail.

“This was one of the most feasible ideas from a large list of ideas we had when brainstorming,” said Willem Velthoven, founding partner of Mediamatic, in a statement to the NL Times.

The resultant five glass dining domes, called serres séparées (“separate rooms” in French), allow two to three diners to enjoy a four-course, plant-based meal alongside the picturesque Dijksgracht canal while completely cordoned off. Waiters pass dishes through the door from a safe distance, and to further ensure social distancing, only groups that live in the same house are permitted to share the pod.

While dining in a greenhouse might sound confining, the restaurant claims that the unique experience affords diners “a sexy kind of intimacy.”