If you are travelling to The Netherlands, please do so by car or own transportation to minimalise the spread of the virus. Are you travelling to the Netherlands as part of an organized group or you travel to The Netherlands in a touring car? Please consult the instructions of the local tour operator but also keep these general measures into account. These measures have been drafted by the Royal Dutch Organisation for Transportation, together with other institutions.

  1. Wear a face mask during the entire trip
  2. Make sure you fill in and submit a signed declaration to your local touroperator. These forms will be handed over to you, prior to entering to the bus
  3. Don’t enter the bus when you have a cold, fever or any other symptoms
  4. Take into the measures into account and respect them. The driver is in charge of what is acceptable and what isn’t. He/she is also allowed to deny access to the vehicle
  5. Don’t walk in the vehicle for ensuring you keep a distance of 1.5m
  6. Pay contactless when you are required to pay within the vehicle

The amount of passengers within the vehicle is 30 passengers* (excluding the driver). De driver holds the right to deny access when the maximum is exceeded.

*This may be deviated in case children until 13 years old will be transported

Public transport will once again operate according to the normal timetable. (International) Travellers will be required to wear a ‘non-medical’ mouth shield. Passengers should also bear in mind that a maximum of 40% of the seats will be available. In case you would like to use public transport, please check out the latest information about departure times and potentially adjusted timetables prior to travel.